Wings of My Imagination


I imagine things that sometimes go beyond the human capabilities. Well, challenging the nature is never my intention but I feel the adrenaline rush in my nerves when I think about my dreams. Today I saw a dream wherein I had wings and no gravity constraints were bothering me. It was bliss. I could fly and my happiness knew no bounds! Well, given a freedom to fly anywhere in the world, who wouldn’t like that? I dreamed it, I lived it and I loved it. But this dream made me ponder over a myriad of things, I realized how helpless we are in real life! All the limitations that we face every day have made us sit in our cubicles and never come out of it! Isn’t that sad?

When I am in close contact with nature, I could actually see things in a lucid manner and can make a decision without even giving a second thought! I have had epiphanies amidst nature and that contributed to make me a person I am proud of! I feel safe, I feel rejuvenated, happy and free, this is what I want all my life!

Here is the poem that my dream reminded me of! I still remember I was sitting on my terrace holding a book in my hand and looking up at the sky and watching the birds fly! And I ended up writing this poem which will always remain close to my heart.

I want to fly high
Like a bird up in the sky
Not staying in one location
I have this world to explore
And the nature that I adore!
Not looking what I have left behind
And yes I not changing my mind
I want to go high!
Oh!how badly I want to fly
Back in the days, I was scared of height
But now all I care is about my flight
Gone are the days when I wanted to escape
Now all I want is to create!
One day,
With the feathers on my wings,
I will listen to my heart that will sing
I am flying high!
Like a bird up in the sky!

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  1. simply loved it.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it.

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