The Quintessential Yatra

Jagriti Yatra: A Journey to Remember

12 Destinations, 15 Days, 15 Role Models, 450 Yatris and 8000kms

It’s been months since I came back from Jagriti Yatra but it still feels like yesterday. Those long bathroom queues, morning alarms, motivating sessions, New Year celebration and what not! It was just 15 days train journey but we lived it all. I made some lifelong friends—the bond I will cherish forever! We had a little own world inside the train! During this Yatra I had many epiphanies—meeting people from different background, different professions, and with the different thought process, I realized how beautifully humans connect and how merging different professions can create a classic idea that can actually take the nation forward. Amidst of all the transitions- from intellectual to stupid ones, we made sure WE LIVE OUR JOURNEY TO THE FULLEST!

I can still hear the rhythm of Jagriti Yatra anthem “Yaaro Chalo” that used to give us goosebumps! Brimming with positive spirit, we knew our way ahead!

Inexplicable Journey…

With confusions, excitement, anticipations, and zeal

I entered the room full of vigorous yatris

I had questions, they had questions

And nobody knew the answers

Yes, we were yet to find them

We had no clue of “how” and “where”

But we, of course, knew “why”

Together, we embarked on a journey of dedication and enthusiasm

Listening to new ideas, new stories, new theories, new philosophies, I doubted mine

But in the next step, I met people who taught me to believe and shine

Witnessing the world of hope, passion, and love

I acknowledged the power of humanity and empathy

The torchbearers I call them, with right values and instincts

They had all the right words to say

We stood there with our receptive minds awestruck

I realized wandering mind isn’t a distraction

It’s a way to achieve better focus

Meeting people from diverse culture and backgrounds

I felt the urge to know more and more

Enjoyed the rhythm of the songs without understanding the words

And there I felt a strong connection; I had an epiphany

Language was no more a barrier; we made a bridge of emotions

Together we laughed, we cried, we delved deeper not only into theories but practicality

Young dreamers, budding entrepreneurs, wanderers, philosophers and what not!

Visiting the cities where you see the words but you couldn’t interpret

And that’s when you realize you are somewhere far

Yet, near to your favorite ones made in this pristine trail

This journey of social awakening stirred many souls and ignited the spirit of many

With the much-needed spark, we are now seeking to create a better future

Not just for us, but also for the generations to come!

The day we achieve this, the purpose of Jagriti Yatra will be served.


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